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The Breaker Bar - Slate Blue

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Product Details
  • The Breaker Bar

    The Breaker was originally designed for Police/Military K9 use. During a real deployment of a K9 in a bite situation many dogs will refuse to "out" off the suspect due to a variety of reasons. In this day and age when everything is videotaped and uploaded to social media, the non compliance of the dog to release on command can cause problems in the courtroom and with administration. This innovative tool removes all those problems, and the conflict that comes with the "tactical" out of a K9. The tool is slipped between the teeth causing the dog to releasing his bite. This is quick, painless, and does not damage the dog in anyway. Please refer to the video section to see how quick, and easy it is to use. This tool is not designed to train an "out" command. The tool is designed to be used during civil bite work scenario training, and real street deployments. All dogs should have a good "out" command as part of it's training and certification.

    The Breaker will also benefit many other types of work that involve dogs that may be prone to aggressive behavior towards other animals or people, such as shelter workers, boarding facilities, or anyone that knows their dog could potentially bite another dog or person.
  • Construction

    • 420 Stainless Steel Tool
    • Ball Bearing Washers
    • Black Coated Tool to resist rust and corrosion
    • G10 Handle for lightweight durability
    • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Liner Lock
    • Lanyard Hole
    • Heavy Duty Deep Pocket Clip
    • Quick Release Flipper for fast deployment
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